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Polo is someone else’s life . ....

Polo is someone else’s life . . . but for one afternoon it was mine

Note: Sometimes doing “chores” is not so bad. I recently was reminded of that after I was given marching orders by my wife and daughter. “Clean up the mess you call your home office,” they demanded. In the process, I started going through a bunch of old, unlabeled CDs to see what they contained. On […]

Gamma Sig photogallery

Gamma Sig photogallery

It is not about who wins; It is about...

It is not about who wins; It is about the story

The editor was apologetic. It caught me off guard a little. Editors, I always assumed, have a handbook. Rule number one in that playbook was never apologize.

At least that had been the case most of the time when I was a reporter full time. Edit mistakes into your copy? You should have been clearer so […]

De-mystifying field hockey

De-mystifying field hockey

It’s a ball. Not a puck. No contact is allowed in field hockey, but call it a ball and you’ll be reminded how rules are made to be broken. From the outside, it’s a cult. Hard to understand, with illogical rules that have been explained as “if a player does something that looks like a […]

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery