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Donyae Baylor-Carroll leads Penn Stat...

“When this guy looks at me and says give me the ball, it makes me a pretty smart coach.”

Toughing it out around the purgatory ...

Toughing it out around the purgatory league 

NOTE: This is an old Sports Illustrated story about the old Eastern Basketball Association. As a kid I spent many a night watching my hometown Sunbury Mercuries. And I played a lot of youth basketball in the old Sunbury H.S. gym, which is mentioned in this story. I was reminded of the story recently and […]

Hoops coach Don Friday makes Penn Sta...

This story was originally published in March 2015 on Penn State Harrisburg basketball coach Don Friday has this saying he likes. Talk to him long enough, you are bound to hear it. “Make the big time where you are,” he says. 

He has been saying it for years. Picked it up off a kid […]

Working the porn beat for The Patriot...

I was driving to work one morning when I noticed a huge billboard as I came across the Susquehanna River on the Clarks Ferry Bridge. Just as I came off the bridge and prepared to turn left to cross the Juniata River to get to Duncannon, it smacked me right in the face. Huge letters […]

In the presence of a legend

In the presence of a legend

In the summer of 2017 I began writing for The British Bluegrass News. It started with a CD review and I guess the editor liked it, because the next thing I knew we were talking about me doing the cover story for their next issue. Whether it was my writing, or the editor’s love of Peter […]

The World Wide Leader in Bluegrass

The World Wide Leader in Bluegrass

O.K., that title might be a stretch. But this CD review in the British Bluegrass News does officially mark two firsts. Not only is it the first time I have had a critical review published, but it also is the first time, to my knowledge, that I have been published by a non U.S. publication. […]

What is the difference between a viol...

It’s an old joke, with multiple punchlines. What’s the difference between a fiddle and a violin? Some say it is that nobody minds if you spill beer on a fiddle. Others say it is the number of teeth the guy playing it has. 

My personal favorite — about $10,000. Or as a similar version goes, […]

How to make crepes

In the US, we have hot dog carts on the streets in major cities, serving up those delicious franks some call “dirty water dogs.” Honestly, steamed, or boiled, is my least favorite way to cook a hot dog. But somehow, when a vendor pops one on a roll, slaps it with a swipe of mustard, […]

Out of our element and loving it at t...

Out of our element and loving it at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival

The usual tricks to get to the front of the stage go out the window at the Gettsyburg Bluegrass Festival. You can’t hope to snake your way through gaps in the crowd, patiently surveying the sways and shifts in the human sea, looking for an opening, like a slow motion game of human frogger. And […]

Central Penn Piranha were a football ...

Central Penn Piranha were a football powerhouse back in the day

This story originally appeared in Harrisburg Magazine back in 2002. By CHRIS A. COUROGEN There’s lots of things to do on a hot summer Saturday night in Harrisburg. Chances are, you were to make a list, “watch a football game” probably would not make your top ten. So it’s a little surprising when to pull […]