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Chris A. Courogen – writing samples


During my time as a reporter at The Patriot-News, I covered everything from municipal and state government to the cops beat. I don’t have a count of how many stories I wrote, but I wrote a lot of them. Most are locked away behind PennLive’s archival paywall these days. Luckily, before that happened, I was able to save clips from some of my more memorable packages.

In addition to these older clips, You can also find samples of my writing on the blog on this site and on The Brewgrass Chronicle, a bluegrass music site I run.

Amish School Shootings

In October 2006, a heavily armed man took hostage the students of an Amish school near Lancaster, Pa. He left the boys go free, then shot the girls execution style. I was the lead reporter for The Patriot-News’ first day coverage and part of a five-reporter team that won statewide honors for our coverage.

Salute to Sacrifice

In the early days of the seond Iraq war, I had the honor of writing about some of the first soldiers in our circulation area to give their lives for their country.


During the 2008 presidential election, I was part of the team covering the Democrat primary election, then was assigned to cover the McCain campaign in the general election. In addition to these print stories, I also did extensive blogging, including live-blogging from McCain and Obama campaign events.


In addition to serving as the Sunday night cops reporter for over five years, I spent two years as the paper’s primarty police reporter.

An attorney/gun enthusiast gets killed with his own weapon while shooting at a gun range.

A missing woman, a frantic search, and a jilted lover made for a compelling crime story.


BASEBALL (from York Daily Record)

Clips linked below are from The Patriot-News unless otherwise indicated.